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1.1. Rules of conduct for visitors in the bar “Bloody Mary Bar” (hereinafter – the Rules) made under paragraph 5 of the “Rules of rendering of services of public catering” (app. decree of the RF Government of August 15, 1997 N 1036) and establish rules of conduct obligatory for all the visitors of the bar “Bloody Mary Bar” (hereinafter – the Bar).

1.2. Control over observance of these rules by employees of a private security company (organization), with which LLC “Redman and CO.” signed a contract for the provision of security services.

1.3. The bar is open for admission and visitors from Sunday to Thursday inclusive from 13.00 till 01.00 and the last guest on Friday and Saturday from 13.00 to 04.00 until the last guest.

1.4. The admission and service users is carried out mainly on the basis of preliminary booking of places by phone: + 7 (812) 915-25-65 and/or on the website of the bar Other visitors are served if available (not reserved) seats, with priority given to those visitors who came to the bar after booking a table or seat at the bar. In the days (hours) when all the seats at the bar reserved for banquets and/or other specobsluzhivanie to the bar are permitted only those visitors who specified and/or listed by the person who made the reservation.

1.5. Minors under 14 are not allowed in the bar without an adult. Minors under 16 years of age, in the case of being in the bar without an adult, are admitted to the bar and served till 22.00, without the right to purchase beverage alcohol based. By placing the order, the visitor accepts the cost of food and drinks indicated in the bar menu in effect on the date of the order.

1.6. As a General rule, the expense includes meals and drinks, ordered all the visitors seated at the same table. About the necessity of issuing individual accounts, the visitors are obliged to warn the waiter in advance, the count is automatically divided by each guest.

1.7. Count not included “tips” to the waiter, provided that the company consists of no more than 5 people. The presence at the table of the company’s more than 5 people in the bill included a tip of 10% of the bill, after a warning by the waiter. Guests can leave a tip using the loyalty system or to reward the waiter with a Bank transfer in the amount of 10 15 or 20% percent.

1.8 using the loyalty system the guest can pay the accumulated bonuses up to 25% of the present account.

1.9. Bar takes orders for special services only under the terms of the advance payment/Deposit, the amount of which is determined by agreement of the parties. Also the bar staff can help you organise your celebrations with the involvement of the lead and use existing bar resources (projector, microphone, individual sound)


2.1. The bar must: observe public order; pay for the ordered meals and drinks; not to disturb other visitors; to observe cleanliness; to take care of the property bar (furniture, dishes, plumbing, etc.), and in the case of damage to the property, to indemnify the damage caused; at the entrance to the restaurant to take the robe in the closet; to present to the restaurant staff document proving his identity in case: acquiring visitor of alcoholic beverages. bill payment with a Bank card; to comply with these Rules.

2.2. The restaurant has the right to: to pay bills in cash or by credit card, pay your bill to 50% using the loyalty system; restaurant with children in compliance with the rules established in paragraph 1.5. these “Rules”.

2.3. Visitors are prohibited from: without permission from the bar to go to the kitchen, behind the bar and in other ancillary areas of the restaurant. to bring to the restaurant: animals and birds; long objects whose length is more than 220 cm; flammable, explosive, toxic, poisonous substances and objects, including household gas cylinders; firearms, piercing and cutting items; to use to pay Bank card belonging to another person; to be in a bar in a state, toxic or narcotic intoxication, using narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances; to be in the restaurant: no clothes; without shoes; in outerwear; beach clothes; in overalls; food and drinks, with items that can to sit or lie on the floor, on the stairs; to stand, sit, lie down or dance on the bar, on tables, on window sills; to get your legs on the chairs; put each other on the shoulders; take photos or video of other visitors without their consent; to apply labels and paste ads, posters and other production of informational or promotional content; to use the restaurant for trade; stick to other visitors or the staff of the restaurant with offers of sale, of exchange, and to fortune-telling, begging; to prevent the performance of official duties by employees of the bar to provoke conflicts and to join the fight; to whistle and scream out loud; to use the amplifiers (excluding hearing AIDS) and listen to audio, or audio without headphones block the road or in any other way interfere with the movement of visitors and employees of the bar; to sit down at a table to other visitors without an invitation; to take a free table without permission of the administration of the bar; the use of pyrotechnics; playing cards or other gambling games for money, things and other values; Smoking.


3.1. In case of violation of these Rules, the bar may: to

make video and audio fixation of the violation;

to remove the offender from the territory of the restaurant.

if necessary to detain the offender and call the police.

3.2. In the case of damage to property of the bar, the customer is obliged to compensate caused to bar damages in the amount specified by the administration.


4.1. In order to ensure the safety of visitors as well as visitors respect these Rules, the bar has video surveillance.

4.2. Bar is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings of visitors.

4.3. DJ, animator, musicians, presenter and others, providing entertainment restaurant, it is carried out in accordance with the scenario agreed with the Director General and shall have the right to refuse a visitor in actions not covered by the scenario (greeting the visitor, the performance of songs or musical works, etc.).

4.4. Bar has the right to refuse a visitor in the preparation of specified menu, in the case of short supply of products required for preparation of such meals.

4.5. Bar has the right to refuse a visitor in the sale of alcohol in the case of: the

failure to visitor 18 years of age; the

suspension of license for sale of alcohol;

underdelivery of the ordered alcohol;

finding a visitor in a condition of strong alcoholic and/or drug intoxication.

4.6. In order to ensure the safety of health visitors in the restaurant is not allowed to consume brought food and drinks, except baby food, and also brought with them alcohol. the

Rules apply from 1 July 2016.

Director General

Stepanova O. V.